Cleaning Services Palm Desert

As one of the fastest growing cities in the state of California, Palm Desert residents are known to be very busy people who are always on the go, which tend to conflict with people’s fondness for having perpetually clean living areas. Fortunately, there is a healthy house cleaning service industry in Palm Desert, where homeowners can go about their busy routines while the cleaner takes care of keeping their abodes spic and span. Provided that one managed to find the right person or company for their house cleaning needs, they can expect a number of benefits alongside regularly coming home to a house that looks and smells good.

Frequency of Cleaning Services

Frequency is, as always, ever dependent on the needs of the homeowner. A house cleaning service provider will more than likely be willing to arrange for their cleaners to come by according to a specific schedule, and will adjust it according to their client’s needs. But it will ultimately hinge on the client’s budget. If you are not yet sure about your specific needs, it is best to do a trial run of two to five cleanings first before sitting down with the company for a contract, just to know whether you need cleaners every week, bi-monthly, monthly, or some other variation and whether you can afford what they are asking.

Regular Cleaning Services

It is worth noting that there different cleaners will provide different types of cleaning services outside of regular cleaning, which is what a homeowner should expect as the bare minimum. A regular cleaning service will include vacuuming of the house itself, mopping of the floors, removal of dust from the most obvious places (such as the house’s fixtures) and thorough cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens.

Outside of regular cleaning services are deep cleaning services that provide some more extensive tasks such as rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, or cleaning of sensitive/fragile appliances might not be part of a cleaner’s offerings for good reason (they don’t want their cleaners to risk breaking a client’s belongings), but cleaning services would most likely welcome such requests if a homeowner needs it, it’s just going to cost extra. It is best to consult a cleaner first if you are in this situation.

Deep Cleaning Services

Homeowners, or business owners who need cleaning help on complex areas (for instance, a warehouse) will not be out of options. Most cleaning services in Palm Desert also handle these types of jobs as part of their deep cleaning services, but due to the nature of the job they are separate from regular cleaning jobs and may cost more.

This is for a particularly good reason—since the job is more complicated and there is more potential for property damage, the cleaning agency will need to plan carefully. This requires meeting with the client and laying down specific rules and procedures. The end point is that it is going to cost a bit more than the usual regular cleaning services, but it is going to be worth it.

Finding the Right Cleaning Service

To get the best out of a cleaning service provider, it is important to not only focus on getting the best company out there, but also to get the best company that fits your needs and budgets. It is also worth noting that different companies may have different specialties, and what one lacks in a specific task may be more than made up for by excelling in a different job. For instance, there are many house cleaners that might not be able to provide window washing in high rise buildings, but more than make up for it by providing extensive pool cleaning services. It is prudent to shop around and check out what your prospective cleaning company specializes in.

When you feel like you have finally found the best out of all the cleaning services in Palm Desert, there are a few things to consider first and they are best addressed when talking to the cleaning service. By way of questions, here are what you should be asking them:
First is whether they bring their own equipment and cleaning supplies. It might seem like common sense at this point, but some cleaning agencies are willing to use cleaning supplies and equipment provided by the client. This most likely applies to cases such as in business clients that already have their own cleaning supplies, in which case the cleaning company can save on costs and could pass these on back to the client in the form of reduced rate.

Ideally, it is better to let the cleaning company bring their own equipment and supplies, because that way you can be sure that their employees are already trained to handle the equipment, and that all accountability will be on the cleaning company with regard to any potential damage or subpar results. If your house or appliances require specific or specialized cleaning equipment, it may be better to discuss this with the cleaning company and have them procure it and just pass on the cost to you.

Next is you need to check whether they do background checks on their employees. This is very important because these are the cleaners who will enter your house at times when you are not around. The cleaning company needs to give you assurance that the people they’ll send to your house can be trusted and can ensure every one’s safety.

Another thing to consider is the issue of pets. If you have pets, you need to discuss what to do with the pet before the cleaning people come. It is not part of a cleaning service to take care of pets, and even if the cleaners are willing, it is not smart to entrust the safety of your loved animals to people with no animal handling training. If you can take them out of the house with you, it will be better. This is particularly important if you have large dogs that can harm the cleaners. If your dog injures the cleaner, you will be liable as the owner since they are not trespassing.

Last but not the least, get as many things into writing. Regardless of how credible the cleaning service is, you are still letting other people enter your home, usually when you’re not around, so it is best to take steps to protect yourself from any insurance or legal liability. Put as much as you can in writing. This also has the knock-on effect of avoiding future disagreements and misunderstandings.