Window Cleaning Palm Desert

The windows are very important parts of any house or establishment. They add a lot when it comes to the aesthetics, ensuring that the area doesn’t look like a lifeless hunk of enclosed space. Windows add a sense of freedom to any building, and ensure that the people inside are not cut off from the rest of the world. However, they also come with the quirk of requiring cleaning.

Why Do You Need Windows Cleaned Regularly?

It does not matter how well-built and structured a building or a home is—if the windows are not taken care of, the effects cannot be easily ignored. Dirty glass windows are one of the first things that make abandoned buildings look creepy and scary. You wouldn’t want your house to look like it is housing something paranormal, right?

Additionally, dirty windows can have an effect on people’s health. The windows are usually home to pollutants, contaminants, and all sorts of bird droppings that could be carrying diseases. If you don’t clean the windows, these things could find their way to a kid or an adult’s hands and be the catalyst for sickness.

…and don’t forget that unmaintained windows could lead to actual structural damage. Dirt, pieces of sand and tiny stones could get into areas and lead to some parts of the window getting loose or being deformed over time. Regular window cleaning is very important, especially in Palm Desert where dust, sand, and dirt are in abundance.

We Handle All Kinds of Windows

People tend to make the mistake of thinking that all it takes to clean any window is a soapy rug. While it can clean windows to some extent, many windows require so much more, especially those that have not been cleaned for a long time. Some window types also have hinges, screws, or metal frames that could be damaged by simple soap and water.

We, on the other hand, take great pains to ensure that we are using the right type of cleaning tools and cleaning chemicals so that windows will not only be clean, their structural integrity will also not be affected by the cleaning process.

Of course, there’s also the matter of businesses that have multi story buildings. The windows in these places cannot be simply accessed by the average worker, at least not without putting said person in harm’s way. Our employees are trained professionals who can get to hard to reach places and clean windows that would normally be left dirty and unmaintained for years.This part actually makes us a whole lot better option than simply having one of the employees clean windows.

We Have the Means and the Tools

We do this for a living, and we take great pride in our ability to do so. We invest in training of our people, we invest in the right tools for the job, and we do our research on industry best practices when it comes to the cleaning of windows. If you want your windows cleaned and you want to do it as fast, as safe, and as good as possible, we are the best choice in Palm Desert.

We Guarantee Clean Windows and Satisfaction

Our job involves ensuring that the client is satisfied with the results of our work, and so we guarantee that a client will be happy working with us. In any event where there is a disconnect between what the client requires and what our normal services can provide, we are willing to go the distance and tweak processes and agreements in order to accommodate a client’s special needs. This extends to the use of special equipment or cleaning chemicals, or with regard to schedule of the cleaning and anything in between. We will do everything that is within reason to make the client willing to hire us again.

How Do We Set Rates?

This is admittedly one of the most important considerations for a client, and we want to make sure any questions or doubts about pricing can be easily addressed when you talk to us. There are a few things that need to be considered when thinking of how much our services are going to cost, and these are:

  • The number of windows. We welcome bulk jobs, so the more windows to clean, the better the price per window.
  • The amount of dirt on the windows.
  • The size of the windows.
  • Whether the windows are located on a residential or commercial area. This not only affects the pricing, but will also also allow us to estimate how we can approach the job. Commercial areas may require permits on our part and to schedule specific times in order to avoid obstructing office hours and workers.
  • How easy it is to access the windows. It is understandable that we will charge more for windows that are situated too high, compared to windows that are on floor level.
  • The presence of special cases such as storm windows and screens.

It is best to take all of the above into consideration and to keep the information handy when contacting us, as it will make it easier for both of us to work together towards a seamless and affordable project plan.

Getting Us to Clean Your Windows is a No-Brainer

Getting the services of a professional to do a job is always the prudent choice, especially if like us, the professionals are willing to work with you with regard to pricing. In a lot of cases, hiring our services end up costing you less in the long run compared to doing everything yourself, and with us on the job, everything will be so much safer and faster for every one involved, with minimal hindrances to your personal or work environment.